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Welcome to Terranova Coffee Estate

Terranova Coffee has become one of the most talked about coffees in the world today. Our AA beans have found their way into coffee houses from Tokyo to San Francisco, and from London to Capetown. Here at the Estate we pride ourselves in the meticulous preparation of our hand picked coffee. Hand picking enables us to pick coffee when it’s perfectly ripe. Perfectly ripe cherries mean a perfect cup. The same cannot be said for 99% of the coffee in the world.

As you will see coffee is not the only thing we care about on the Estate. Terranova coffee wouldn’t be around today if it were not for the thousands of folks we employ to pick our famous coffee. On the farm you can find a school, and a clinic both dedicated to enriching the lives of our people. A portion of the sale of Terranova coffee goes to maintaining the school and the clinic. In addition, the Estate contributes heavily to the wildlife management of the Lower Zambezi National Park, as well as Chikankata  Hospital run by The Salvation Army. Chikankata is one of Africa’s leading AIDS research facilities.

Thanks very much for visiting our farm. We hope you come back and see us again.
Enjoy the coffee.

The Streets.

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